Helpful Resources

Finding reliable information on the internet regarding animal behaviour and training can be a minefield. Here are a few links to reliable sources of information.


Dogs – for science-based information relating to dogs



Cats- as above but for cats


Rabbits- learn more about the welfare issues facing pet rabbits

Image by Sasha Sashina

Finding a qualified trainer or behaviourist

Sadly this is much harder than you might imagine. The animal behaviour industry is, as yet, unregulated meaning that anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviourist. Hopefully this will soon be changing and much needed regulation will come into place but in the meantime if you are looking for a trainer or behaviourist (there is a difference between the two) then make sure you go to the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council) website to find one. The ABTC is the overarching body which regulates animal trainers and behaviourists who have met the requisite academic and practical qualifications. 

Rescue me!

Every year thousands of healthy animals in the UK are euthanised for no other reason than they are not wanted. We strongly believe that rescue is best; it is unethical to bring more pets into the world whilst we cannot care and protect the ones that already exist. So if you are considering adoption the following charities are a great place to start! 


  • Celia Hammond Animal Trust 

  • Greyhound Trust 

  • Forever Hounds Trust 

  • Hope for Podencos

  • Spanish Stray Dogs

  • Benidorm Dog Shelter

  • Valgrays Border Collie & Animal Rescue 

  • Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

  • Blind Dog Rescue UK

  • Many Tears Animal Rescue